New System Launch v. 1.0

Wow! I haven’t used this website in a long time. However, now it’s going to be really useful.

Here’s a list of some major changes:

Ranking overhaul- now players will start as a member but can progress to higher ranks by collecting achievements! If you get to the highest rank in a map you could potentially be promoted to moderator based on Austin and my discretion. The ranks go: coal, iron, gold, redstone, and diamond.

New dungeons- a couple of brand new dungeons called frostbite valley and palace have been designed. Palace is perhaps the most ambitious server project to date and I highly recommend you try it out. Each dungeon will earn you an achievement for completion. YOU MUST SCREENSHOT the end and send it to me to receive credit.

New spawn- the spawn is no longer part of the building world. The spawn is an island village with much to explore! Numerous hidden things await you in the island, including the new dungeons. The portal to the building world is also present there.

Updated Website- I now use this website to track player achievements. In order to earn a spot here, you must first attain the rank of Coal.

More soon! - Update 1.1 will be coming in the next few weeks, it will be PvP centric.

Part of one of the new dungeons, Palace.

Part of one of the new dungeons, Palace.

Beta 0.3


- started a new world

- Factions has replaced Towny as the group plugin

- there are four factions

- players can now /sethome and then type /home to warp there

- Land buying is now based on money, instead of power, but power is still used for pvp

- Temples have been added – go to the spawn and there is a temple area

Beta 0.2

Below are the notes for Beta 0.2, which launched today, June 23, 2013.

- Added save plate at spawn to save world files

- Added first PvP arena. to join, type /ua join Arena with an empty inventory.

- Added broadcast function for server messages

- Added music. type /play <track number> to listen.

- Added spectator booth for arenas. To visit, go to the spawn and use one of the signs where the adventurer npc is standing.

- Other misc. updates for administration

Open Beta!

The open beta has begun, allowing players to access the server. To play, just type in the ip in Minecraft. If you have any questions, you can email me at or Have fun!

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